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polaris Power Packages

Performance Kits

Let’s face it, today’s side-by-sides from Polaris such as the RZR models, leave a lot to be desired in their stock forms. 


That’s why we decided to improve upon Dynojet’s Performance kits for Polaris’s lineup, by adding upgraded wastegates, bigger injectors along with dyno tuning instead of using a generic map from Dynojet.

Stage 1

ECU Flash & Dyno Tune

If you’ve just purchased your Polaris RZR and want to uncork the power of your SxS, this is where you start.



With a custom tune and ECU flash, we are able to optimize air/fuel ratios, add ignition timing and turn up the boost on turbo models. 

Stage 2

Tune & Clutch Upgrade

Set yourself up to make power down the road with an upgraded clutch kit! By upgrading the clutch we can turn up the boost even more, while lowering temperatures and improving belt life.  This also improves the overall durability of your Polaris RZR.

Stage 3

Stage 2 + Wastegate + Injectors + Charge Tube

Our Stage 3 kit is for those that are serious about making power and want reliable, quick horsepower without breaking the bank.


This is our most cost effective kit for significant power gains through the entire powerband. 

Stage 4

Stage 3 + Turbo Upgrade

For those that are seeking the maximum amount of power and torque from their Polaris RZR, our Stage 4 kit comes with an upgraded turbo, available in different sizes depending on your power goals.