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Screamin Eagle Performance

Performance Kits

We only work with the best, directly from Harley Davidson, Screamin Eagle Performance parts.



Over the years, we have made improvements to these kits from Harley Davidson to increase your horsepower and torque, while maximizing reliability. 


Stage 1

Exhaust, Air Filter & PCV

Stage 1 is the first thing most Harley owners do when buying a stock bike, whether used or new because its the most cost-effective way to improve the sound, look and performance of their Harley. With used bikes it ensures that the bike is running properly and wasn’t neglected or tuned poorly by the previous owner.


With a Stage 1 Kit you set the foundation for future upgrades and can be assured that your bike is running at the best of its ability. 

Stage 2

Stage 1 + Cam Upgrade

Stage 2 is for Harley owners that are craving more instant torque, ideal for passing on the highway without having to downshift or those who want more top end power.


Depending on your model and build, there are several choices for cams depending on what part of your powerband you want to improve.

Stage 3

Stage 2 + Big Bore Cylinders + Pistons

Stage 3 is for those that are serious about making power! By upgrading to larger cylinders, matching piston and the appropriate cam upgrade, it allows the engine to swallow more air and fuel, paired with higher compression from the piston, it generates significantly more power.

Stage 4

Stage 3 + Cylinder Head + Throttle Body

Stage 4 is the highest performing kit available from Screamin Eagle and is only for those that want the maximum amount of power and torque out of their bikes. 


Utilizing high flowing CNC ported heads, larger bore throttle body paired with the larger displacement motor you can expect massive gains throughout the entire rev range.