Mickey Cohen was, once again, working on bikes in his garage at home. He’d been here before. As he started to establish his career, he’d started doing side jobs at home, wherever home happened to be, until, ya’ know, officials from the homeowner association started to suspect that the dozen bikes in the driveway might not be all Cohen’s personal Vehicles.

But this phase a few years ago was different. Cohen had spent a decade working for a dealership before a falling-out left him without a job. So while he was more than a lttle upset, he had left that place with something of great value – a loyal customer base that would follow him anywhere.

So he bided his time and looked for just the right spot to homestead his motorcycle repair business. And eventually, he found a 9600 square-foot concrete tilt-up warehouse in Placentia, California, threw down roots, and has been happily working on vehicles of all sorts at Mickey Cohen Motorsports ever since.

Those with long memories might be familiar with Cohen’s work. He wrenched Curtis Adams to an AMA Pro Thunder title a decade back, earning the Tuner Of The Year award from the AMA for his efforts making a Triumph T595 Triple haul ass. He now handles press vehicles for Triumph.